Devotional signs have always been a fundamental element of our way of expressing faith, just as art in all its forms of expression, has sought to best represent the central elements of Christian doctrine. Design, research, creativity and the jewelry taking form in a small cube, capable of revealing in each of its facets the image, color and symbols…

Rosarium ‘Tile’, Always the Symbol of a Proud Belonging.

Not just jewelry.

What makes all Rosarium collections valuable is the "unspoken". Poetry, inspiration, design and craftsmanship.

"Unspoken", but experienced by the one who wears it.


Tile Bracelet - Communion

A First Communion gift signals a deep bond between the giver and the recipient. A small symbol of love, an emblem of hope that demonstrates how faith is a fundamental moment in life.

Guardian Angel Charm + Eucharist Charm + Urban Bracelet


Tile Bracelet - Annunciation

There are symbols that contain a thousand words and infinite moods. And then there are times when giving a symbol perfectly sums up our love. A mother experiences all of this within herself in the wonder of the mystery of life that’s first and foremost a gift.

Angel Charm + Holy Spirit Charm + Mary Charm + Country Bracelet


Tile Bracelet - Faith, Hope and Charity

Symbolism is synthesis that we seek to turn into everyday elegance. It's a compass that follows our internal orientation and marks the path to righteous coexistence in the world with ourselves and others. This bracelet symbolizes that desire.

Faith Charm + Hope Charm + Charity Charm + Elegant Bracelet


Tile Bracelet - Jesus

From the lineage of David, in the cradle of the East, Mankind has experienced His salvation.

Greek Cross Charm + Jesus Charm + Star of David Charm + Country Bracelet

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