All Rosarium jewelry are crafted solely within our showroom, following the principles of attention to the product and respect for the meaning it seeks to convey.

Our jewelry is always accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, which guarantees its proper sourcing from our workshops

Each creation is made at the workbench, where craftsmanship and goldsmith's art blend with precious metals. The Rosarium Store guarantees that each of its jewelry pieces follow scrupulous technical precautions and that all production is handcrafted by its artisans to meet high quality standards. The Rosarium Store guarantees the stamping of the correct origins from our workshops as guaranteed authenticity of the product and is always accompanied by the appropriate metal stamp.

The Rosarium Store treats each product with specific galvanizing processes: 1000 Sterling Silver (pure silver) nickel-free rhodium plating.

The Rosarium Store guarantees its products and accessories and provides replacements for incorrect measurements but does not cover wear and tear due to normal use of the product or any accidental damage.

The above guarantee is valid from the moment the product is registered using this form.

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