Rosarium Rosarium is the culmination
of a human and cultural journey.

A goldsmith’s workshop in service to Mary

We never thought of Rosarium as a business, let alone a professional initiative.
It all began in the family workshop, where giving a form, shape or body to emotions was part of our everyday lives. My brother and I started out in the 1980s, both having graduated from the art institute as goldsmiths and interior designers. We began with our jewelry line, which, to this day, remains the cornerstone of our business.

Goldsmiths and artisans by choice, but perhaps even more so by vocation.

Called and inclined to researching and conveying emotions, our own and others’, with the opportunity and privilege of sharing the most significant moments of people’s lives.

Love for those closest to us, friendship, gratitude, pride… Over the years, we’ve attempted to give shape to all of this, a shape that’s always new, always special and always unique.

With this perspective, we have grown and have been enriched with a beautiful sense of humanity which has prompted us to dig deeper and deeper into ourselves, where we were being drawn toward something sublime that we felt was near, but not entirely understandable.

What attracted us, we thought, was beauty, but but beauty was expression and not essence,, And so the craft, the recognition, the success, everything was part of something, but we wanted to understand the basis of our doing, della nostra ricerca, of our research, of our being.

As has happened to so many, We knew there was something greater, a wholeness, a completeness that we felt was near but not quite present, of which we had savored a taste but still lacked the original.

As in every journey, sooner or later, you arrive at a destination. It happened to us, too, and in our quest, the sublime became a story, an experience and an encounter.

So, how could we communicate this emotion of ours and, indeed, of so many?
Through a ring that was meant to express the strength, beauty and pride of belonging to a
story that’s ancient, but that’s always new and, above all, is still alive and present.

The Rosarium ring was born almost accidentally one afternoon in March thirteen years ago, the fruit of an impulse, a spark that was ignited from the inside and soon became a fire. It wasn’t planned, but rather, as mentioned before, a sudden inner impulse where, from sketch to finished piece, the transition was immediate.

Its physical appearance was beautiful, communicative and effective. However, something was still missing.
Color closed the endless search and became the soul of this jewelry, the intimate part, the personal and the spiritual.
Color made a generally veiled and hidden experience alive and visible. The metal structure gave form to strength and nobility to tradition, and color provided the soul and made the ring come alive.

Over the years, the spark became a fire, a shared fire, and so many have found strength, beauty and utility in Rosarium.

But even more than giving form and visibility to what one is, to what one believes, someone once told us that for them, Rosarium was a symbol of a proud belonging.

Abbiamo sentito questa frase particolarmente nostra facendola diventare il nostro motto.

And so we continue in our vocation creating and conveying emotions even more so than making jewelry , we have always done this in our meetings where we connect with people even before making them clients.
We continue this work in our showroom in Perugia and on our redesigned website, and for the occasion, we’ve also made improvements to our ring. It’s still the same but has been refined in every detail and is 100% produced in our workshop, where attention to detail, to craftsmanship and to our customers impose quality standards on us such that we limit quantities to precisely meet product specifications.

Quality, research and craftsmanship are what we’re all about and what we strive for in our workshop each and every day.

Maurizio Tini