Theological Virtues

We're especially fond of this jewelry, which has come to represent us best and whose story tells of a valuable friendship for our company. The Rosarium collection had been taking shape for a few years when His Excellency Monsignor Chiaretti, then bishop of our city, Perugia, brought a particular need to our attention. The Catholic solemnities and, specifically, the sacraments of Communion and Confirmation needed to find expression in a strong and distinct set of symbols that could also accompany young people even outside the parish. As such, we were asked to depict the theological virtues, a suggestion that we immediately took to heart. As a result, the FHC (Faith, Hope and Charity) pendant was born and, a bit later, the FHC bracelet. The resulting work, in line with the rest of the collection, was well received and was blessed.


Proximity to the Catholic world, relationships with various lay entities and collaborations with parishes, dioceses and religious families have put us in a position to create jewelry that’s capable of responding to each of their needs. This is the professional challenge that leads us to combine the artistic knowledge of the Christian tradition with our skills, and, in doing so, we also discovered ourselves to be artisans by vocation.