Regina della Pace


Queen of Peace

The Rosarium collection tells the story of the strength of history, the certainty of tradition, the enthusiasm of experience... Of this jewel to enrapture is the silence of the gaze, made of sweetness, unattainable charm of a face of Woman, of Mother, of Queen who continues to give hope to our often confused and restless humanity.

Queen of Peace Collection, in a jewel a caress.


Mary's face becomes a small bas-relief, chiseled and carved directly into the metal. The mantle is satin-finished, the hair carved, the cheekbones, the cheeks, the detail of the mouth, the eyes and the nose emerge thanks to a play of shadows realized through the burnishing of silver and the warm reflections of gold. So many handcrafted techniques, in a mixture of tradition and innovation, with the precise aim of faithfully reproducing Mary's maternal gentleness.

In a jewel a caress.