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11 December 2019
Rosarium Classic Redentoris
16 April 2021
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Rosarium Classic Redentoris


Rosarium Classic ring in silver 925 and cross rose gold 750 with blue fired enamel

10-15 working days for production

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In 15 years of the Rosarium Classic, we’ve tried to improve as much as possible a product that has become for so many a faithful “Travel” companion, a useful tool and sign of belonging. We used to say improve, but honestly, what little has been done over the years has only amounted to refining dimensions and finishes, leaving the ring virtually unchanged from what it was on that very first day. Many have told us that the Rosarium gave form and color to a very popular devotion, and this confirmed what we had hoped for from the beginning. However, in these very interesting times, we felt the need to go straight to the heart of this devotion, and so the Rosarium Redentoris was born, where a rose gold cross on a classic blue background and silver framework attests with simplicity, but
with the royalty of gold, to who’s really at the center of the ring and especially the Story. The result is a ring that, true to itself, quietly continues to powerfully reveal the beauty and hope of
those it represents.

Additional information

Silver 925 with cross red gold 750 – 18 Kt


Glossy finish


Ring crafted entirely by hand in our workshop according to the artisanal criteria of our goldsmith company.

Ring Proportions

Width 4,90 mm – Height 2,60 mm / 0,19 – 0,10 inches


All jewelry in the Rosarium collection are accompanied by a written certificate stating the technical specifications of the product and attesting to its origin in our laboratories.


All jewelry in the Rosarium collection are accompanied by our customary gift packaging, consisting of a box, pouch, ribbon and Rosarium logo.