Eden Bracelet with one module
13 November 2021
Eden Earrings
13 November 2021
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Eden Necklace with one module


Eden necklace in 925 sterling silver with green firing enamel and adjustable ball closure.

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Elegant and restrained, yet enchanting. This necklace from the Eden collection imbues the wearer with a feeling of strength and determination. A symbol of rebirth and hope.

925 Sterling Silver necklace with adjustable ball closure and two small flowers welded to the ends of the chain with eight 8 mm modules in “Eden” green fired enamel (on both sides so it’s always visible). The chain is soldered to the modules via delicate and invisible micro-rings. Total chain length is 65 cm ,which can be put on without undoing the chain. Treated with 1000 Sterling Silver electroplating (silver plating).

Additional information

925 Sterling Silver


Glossy finish


Necklace crafted entirely by hand in our workshop according to the artisanal criteria of our goldsmith company.

Module Proportions

Width 10,00 mm – height 10,00mm/ 0,39-0,39 inches


All jewelry in the Rosarium collection are accompanied by a written certificate stating the technical specifications of the product and attesting to its origin in our laboratories.


All jewelry in the Rosarium collection is accompanied by our customary gift packaging, consisting of a box, pouch, ribbon and Rosarium logo.