Rosarium Kerygma “Jesus is the Lord”
8 April 2022
Rosarium Kerygma “Gesù è il Signore” Gold
8 April 2022
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Rosarium Kerygma “Gesù è il Signore”


Rosarium Kerygma “Jesus is Lord” ring in 925 Sterling Silver, burnished effect with double cutaway and embossed lettering, glossy finish.


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The Kerygma ring is a child of the Marian experience as expressed by Rosarium. The rosary decade exalts the beauty and motherhood of the new Eve, and the Kerygma expresses the full force of the saving proclamation of Jesus, the new Adam. Salvation is a universal message that unites and exalts all Christian denominations, and this is why we wanted to ‘write’ the Kerygma in all languages, as a message meant to embrace and unite all of humanity.

Additional information

925 Sterling Silver


Glossi finish with burnished effect


Ring crafted entirely by hand in our workshop according to the artisanal criteria of our goldsmith company.

Ring Proportions

Width 3,70 mm – Height 1,80 mm / 0,14 – 0,07 inches


All jewelry in the Rosarium collection are accompanied by a written certificate stating the technical specifications of the product and attesting to its origin in our laboratories.


All jewelry in the Rosarium collection are accompanied by our custom gift packaging, consisting of a box, pouch, ribbon and Rosarium logo.